Opossum & Raccoon Removal

Don't Let Large Rodents Ruin Your Yard

Don't Let Large Rodents Ruin Your Yard

Meet with an opossum and raccoon removal expert in Grapevine & Colleyville, TX

Are opossums and raccoons making themselves at home on your property? Don't let these large rodents infiltrate your space-reach out to Rodent Retreat, LLC today. We're a trusted opossum and raccoon removal company in Grapevine & Colleyville, TX. No matter how big or small your situation might be, you can count on us to have your house rodent-free ASAP.

Call 817-228-2226 now to schedule a consultation with our raccoon and opossum removal expert.

3 signs of a raccoon or opossum infestation

If you're concerned your home might have a large rodent problem, get in touch with Rodent Retreat today. We provide top-notch raccoon and opossum removal services in Grapevine & Colleyville, TX and the surrounding area. You should call us if:

You see scratch marks or damage on your home's exterior or in your attic

You hear animal sounds or footsteps coming from your attic

You notice your food, pet food or trash is ripped open, spilled or missing

If you see these or any other signs of a large rodent infestation in your home, call Rodent Retreat. Our opossum and raccoon removal crew will do whatever it takes to rid your home of rodents.

Contact Rodent Retreat today for more details about our large rodent removal services.