Our Process

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Professional Exclusion Process

Our Process

Our business specializes in the removal of rodents such as rats, mice, squirrels, opossums, raccoons, and even birds. We offer full and partial exclusion by sealing your home from top to bottom, so rodents will have no in and no out.

Most pest control companies will only use bait and poison in your attic, set traps, and seal up a few entry points. This will not keep the rodents out for good. All potential entry points must be completely sealed and the scent from rats and mice needs to be removed. Rats and mice are 90% blind and have a strong sense of smell. Therefore, they recognize their scent in your attic as their home and will be attracted to your attic until this scent is gone.

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Our Method

Our method is poison free and has been proven as effective. We will turn your home into a metaphorical bubble from rodents. Starting at the top of the chimney we can screen it, check the flashing around the bottom of the chimney and replace it if needed. Any gaps in the roof line and wood trim around the house need to be completely sealed. We use clear silicone and seal all vents on the roof with heavy gauge screens. The hotspots of a house are the eaves.

Rodents are able to sit there and chew their way in. And a lot of eaves have gaps where roofers will slide the shingles under the eave. Those gaps allow rats to get in. Weep holes are another way into your home. We will insert mesh to keep rodents and bugs out but still allow your walls to breath. Have you checked your A/C lines? Sometimes they have big gaps where rodents can get into the walls. They need to be sealed. We will further check the corners of your garage, replace weather stripping if needed, and seal any other potential entry areas around your home.

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Why This Works

In this process all potential areas of 1/4 inch or larger are sealed or screened. All work will be done with galvanized steel plating to guarantee that no rodent will chew there again. We custom mold sheet metal to the eave and texture it. Any plaiting on the home will be painted to match the home so we are leaving very little - if any - visual impact on your home.

Our goal is to match all sealed points to the contours and colors of your home to make it unnoticeable to the passerby from the street or any individual wishing to buy your home. Having an exclusion in a home can actually raise a home's value.